Where the children can learn the fundamental basis and knowledge. It is the power to dream of better future. Three levels of buildings consists 2 classrooms each floor which estimate to accommodate around 150 children. It includes, teachers office, library, assembly hall, football field and where ever is necessary. For energy saving purpose, the bigger windows will be place in the southside in order to get the natural light into the classrooms.


Where the children pickup skills for a better livelihood and living. It is a base of confidence, whereby the teacher also stay together in the same building. There are 4 levels in the building and can accommodate around 100 children. This building include share bathroom in each level, kitchen, dining hall, playground, small office and store room.


In terms of mentally or physically, it can be well taking care through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions. The health professions are from Tibetan, Nepal and Western. This healthcare center will serve for all people around the country. There are 2 levels of building involve 2 doctor’s office and 2 treatment rooms.


A place whereby teachers and staff recharge themselves to walk a longer distance. The building has 6 small apartments for around 6 staffs. It include kitchen, bathroom and living room.